Lyme Disease Index


My particular tale with Lyme is not everyone else's.

I was a professional gardener/nursery manager for many years in New York State, which put me at very high risk for multiple bites, and according to double tests of "Yes, you've had it" and "Indicative of a new infection within the last 6 weeks", I've had it EIGHT separate times.


Unlike many of you reading this, I was lucky enough to be diagnosed the very first time (I THINK). UNfortunately, I was UNlucky enough to be given only a mere 2 weeks of Doxy that first time and down the 'never completely recovered' slope I went. Seven of the eight rounds I was given a full month's worth of Doxy and I filled in with all kinds of herbs. I went from feeling like I'd been run over by the FluTrain in the summertime all the way to what my doctor at the time described as 'personal earthquakes' of uncontrolled trembling, inability to drive (or work a laundromat washing machine for that matter). When what may have been the NINTH case struck, or a relapse, who knew, I finally tried Teasel Root plus a 'killing agent' and in seven weeks I felt that it was finally, finally OVER. That is NOT everyone else's story. But I offer my story here, in its entirety, because every time I'm JUST about ready to take it down or BOIL it down, someone writes to me that reading my lengthy tale meant the world to them, so it's staying.